1) Home Pick Up

Call us directly at (501) 712-PETS (7387) to schedule a time to pick up your loved one. A member of our team will come at the scheduled time and transport your pet back to our facility.

2) Cremation

Cremains are placed in an urn that is engraved with the pet's name and your message of love.

3) The Return

We return your loved one either to your veterinary clinic or directly to your home. If to your vet, we will notify you upon return.

The Basics

For many people, choosing cremation comes down to its lower price, the reality of more moveable lifestyles and the relaxation of religious mandates in favor of interment, but we think some of it can be attributed to a greater familiarity with cremation — especially given that many pet owners have sent their beloved animals to a crematorium instead of a spot in the backyard.

Of course, that doesn’t mean cremation is an obvious alternative for all pet owners — or that we’re all comfortable with the process. In fact, cremation is still a tough concept for many pet owners, who have plenty of questions. Here are five we're asked regularly and here are our very frank answers.

How does cremation take place?

Cremation is a thermal process that reduces an animal's remains to ash. It takes 30 minutes to two hours for most pets. The final step is to finish any remaining fragments (they are not totally consumed), producing the finer ash that pet owners receive.

What will my pet’s ashes look like?

Ashes are usually very fine and powdery, and gray in color. We place them in a sealed biodegradable bag which is then placed in a small burlap bag. The burlap bag is then placed in your pet's urn and sealed again.

If my pet dies at home, do I have to take her to the veterinarian for cremation?

It isn't necessary to take your pet to the veterinary clinic. Our team will arrive to pick up your loved one from your home. We recommend you ask your veterinarian if they offer our services for pet owners. 

How do I know the ashes I get are really my pet’s?

When we pick up your loved one, we assign an engraved and numbered metal tag that stays with your pet throughout the cremation process. The tag is returned inside the urn that holds your loved one's ashes.

What do you do with your own pets?

This is the most common question we get when pet owners are undecided over how to handle the whole issue. It’s not one we have an easy answer for, since every single pet I’ve owned has received a slightly different treatment. But I always get cremains. That way, I feel like I have the freedom to treat each of my pets as a complete individual after his death.

Allpets Animal Hospital, Little Rock

“Arkansas Pet Cremation has provided us with a wonderful service. Unfortunately, we lose our beloved pets, but we now have a way of keeping them near and dear no matter where we live.”

- Allpets Animal Hospital, Little Rock

Doubletree Veterinary Clinic

arkansas pet cremation

“I wanted to thank you for your excellent service, concern and compassion in helping us with our loved ones. Our little friends leave us, but they are never forgotten. You helped make everything less painful.”

– Doubletree Veterinary Clinic

Jered C.

I dealt with the owner Scott. He is one of the most compassionate and empathetic business owners I have ever met. He is very timely and willing to meet at the drop of a hat. The urn is great quality and beautiful. These services are worthy of the amazing impact animals have on our families. The only reason it is a five star rating is because I can’t give any higher. I really can’t speak highly enough of this company and especially the owner Scott.

- Jered C.